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What we do: current advocacy initiatives

Beatrice on a panel discussion with Restaurants Canada.

Our key focus is on continuing to make a real impact and improve the daily quality of life for the food allergy community. Check out a few of our current advocacy initiatives below.

Advocacy for access to epinephrine

We are invested in our advocacy efforts to ensure you always have access to epinephrine. We are advocating with Health Canada and other key stakeholders, helping to encourage other suppliers to enter this space, educating and informing you and others on how to access these devices, and engaging with allergists and other healthcare professionals.

Check out our recent advocacy initiatives which helped to secure temporary supply in 2018. Read our statement, Health Canada’s interim supply statement, along with kaleo’s statement.

Increasing allergy awareness on campus

We are committed to ensuring as many post-secondary campuses as possible across the country are allergy-aware and can better support their students with food allergies – allergy-aware campuses can help youth transition to post-secondary school more confidently and help them to develop their self-management skills.

Visit our post-secondary page which includes resources for educators and families, such as our post-secondary guide.

Foodservice advocacy

Our foodservice advocacy is aimed at ensuring you can eat out safely by having access to the information you need to make an informed dining choice. This includes working with key stakeholder groups to help create change in the foodservice sector, creation of voluntary guidelines on food allergen management, and other resources and tools.

Visit our foodservice page to learn more about training available for foodservice.

Addressing food allergen labelling gaps

We’re committed to helping to close the current gaps for food allergy labelling in Canada. Specifically, addressing pre-cautionary allergen labelling (“may contain”) and “free-from” claims are our key priorities. We are working with both government and industry to advocate for greater guidance for the food industry on the use on these voluntary statements and on using a risk-based assessment and management approach.

Our advocacy also extends to allergen labelling on self-care products and on standardized beer. In both cases, we were actively involved in the Health Canada consultations and many of you also spoke up to have your say.

Healthcare professional outreach

Many of you may only have an opportunity to see your allergist once a year. For those who are newly diagnosed, they may have to wait months up to years before seeing an allergist. This means, ensuring other healthcare professionals are educated about food allergies and how to support your needs is crucial.

We are focused on our outreach efforts with healthcare professionals (like Emergency Department physicians and nurses, Pediatricians, and Family Physicians) to ensure all Canadians with food allergies receive the support they need to live confidently with this medical condition.

Check out our current healthcare professional section to see our current resources.

Keeping you educated and informed

We are committed to providing educational programming to support families, including informative webinars, digital resources (like information sheets and guidebooks), and other tools to ensure you and all families can live confidently with this condition.

Visit our newly diagnosed page and our parents and caregivers page. There’s also a section for teens and young adults, adults with allergies, and managing in different environments.

Educating youth

Our focus on our youth educational programming is on empowering kids and teens so they can learn to confidently self-manage. We are also investing energy on increasing awareness and empathy among the kids not impacted by food allergies to help combat bullying and to ultimately improve the quality of life for kids with food allergies.

Check out our teens and young adults section.

Small but mighty

The entire staff of Food Allergy Canada could fit around a boardroom table. Actually, make that one end of a boardroom table! But that doesn’t stop us from taking on the big issues.

Managing severe allergies is a shared responsibility, and we rely on partners like you to help us make a difference.

Join us and make an impact. There are many ways you can make a significant impact, for example, your $25 donation can help further our advocacy around ensuring everyone has access to life-saving medication. For $50, you can become a champion of our online mentorship programs that educate kids and builds their confidence.