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The Allergy Awareness Challenge provides tools and resources to teach classmates about food allergies. Sign up your school today!

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Many of the allergic reactions that take place actually happen at school, so it’s vital to have key allergy information at all grade levels. That’s why we offer two important programs for students in elementary and high school that are both fun and educational.

Allergy Awareness Challenge for elementary schools

Group of diverse students holding up a banner stating "Elementary School Allergy Awareness Challenge with Food Allergy Canada"

Food Allergy Canada’s Elementary School Program helps educators raise awareness about food allergies in their classrooms. The program provides helpful resources, activities, worksheets and lesson plans. The goal of the curriculum is to help students from kindergarten to grade eight understand food allergies and how they can help support their allergic peers.

Teachers are guided through the curricula for various topic units and provided with accompanying resources. Students will love the engaging games and activities and challenging worksheets.

Resources available:

  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Presentations
  • Student worksheets
  • Promotional materials

Games/activities include:

  • Food Allergy Jeopardy
  • Food Allergy Spelling Bee
  • What’s in that Food?
  • Adopt an Allergy

Learn more at or download the program resources today.

Allergy Awareness Challenge for high schools

Food allergies are a rising concern in high schools across Canada. Even though allergic students are starting to take more responsibility for their allergies once they have reached high school, support from their friends and classmates is very important in helping to keep them safe.

Group of diverse students holding up a banner stating "Allergy Awareness Challenge with Food Allergy Canada"

Food Allergy Canada’s Allergy Awareness Challenge helps create this support in high schools by educating students about life threatening allergies in a fun way! Three days of games and competitions promote allergy awareness and education as well as what students can do to keep their high school safe for everyone.

This is a free, downloadable program where your school will be provided with everything needed to plan and run the three days of activities including:

  • Fun educational challenges
  • Promotional materials
  • Information on anaphylaxis

Learn more at or download the program resources today.