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Youth Advisory Panel (YAP)

For teens and young adults ages 13 to 24.

Teenage classmates standing in high school hallway
Youth Advisory Panel members

Who better to help young people with allergies than the experts? That’s right – the youth already living with allergies! More than 30 allergic teenagers and young adults from across Canada make up our Youth Advisory Panel, and you should see what they’ve achieved. We count on their help to guide our decisions on services for youth at risk of anaphylaxis.

Our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) is a great way for youth ages 13-24 to share experiences about living with severe allergies and to learn from others. As a member of our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), you can help us create resources for teens by sharing your firsthand experience, knowledge, and allergy management strategies.

YAP members are the creative minds behind the youth blog which was created by youth, for youth. In addition, they are active with media opportunities, and as mentors in our Allergy Pals/Allergy Allies mentorship program. So why not consider joining them? You could make a big difference in the lives of other young people. If you’re between the ages of 13 and 25 and you live with severe allergies, you can sign up!

“Being a member of Food Allergy Canada’s youth advisory panel has been an amazing experience! I’ve been able to connect with other youth with anaphylactic allergies while raising awareness for this condition! If you’re a teen with food allergies, I would highly recommend joining!”

Syd Proudfoot

As a Youth Advisory Panel member, here are six ways you can help:

  1. Develop, promote, and deliver special projects and programs to educate and raise awareness among youth with allergies and their peers.
  2. Create content for our youth blog.
  3. Run community conferences, Ask-a-Teen and Ask-an-Allergist information sessions, and other community events.
  4. Exhibit at community health fairs to promote allergy awareness, as well youth resources.
  5. Participate in media interviews, surveys, and focus groups to share their perspectives as youth with allergies.
  6. Fundraise for Food Allergy Canada.

Past events include:

  • Community conferences
  • “Ask a Teen” panels for support groups
  • “Teens Tell it Like it is” workshops
  • Online webinars
  • YAP social events (rock climbing, ping pong)

Do these sound like projects you could get behind? If so, fill out and email us your application to YAP today!

For more information about the YAP contact Kyle Dine, Youth Program Coordinator.